Materials used

  • Carbon steel according to UNI EN 10270-1 (SM, SH and DH) surface drawn, galvanized or Bezinal;
  • Stainless steel according to UNI EN 6931-1 (4310, 4301,4401);
  • Oil tempered steel wire according to UNI EN 10270-2 (FD, TD and VD);
  • Annealed steels Chrome-silicon-related 52SiCrNi5 - - 51CrV4 - 54SiCr6
  • Copper alloys, brass and bronze.

Finishing operations

Generally springs are supplied raw or surface coatings to define ordination such as:
  • galvanized
  • zinc and/or manganese phosphating
  • burnishing
  • cataphoresis
  • epoxy painting
  • Dacromet, Geomet, Delta KL 100 (RIV EC)
  • chemical nickel
  • chromium plating
  • tinning
  • electrolytic brightening
  • copper plating
  • silver and/or gold plating

We does not have finished products for direct sale or catalogues.
Given the wide range of articles achievable, technicians of Mollificio F.lli Pagnin reserve the right to verify the feasibility of the products required in function of the equipment and facilities available.

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